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Problem booting Windows 8 from VHD file

If you have used the VHD method to install Windows 8 and placed this VHD file on your host OS, you might experience getting the following error when booting at some point:





The reason you get this, is because you are able to install Windows 8 into a dynamic VHD file (Thin Provioning), but Windows 8 still looks at how much space there are left on the host volume where you have placed the VHD file. So if you have made a 20 GB dynamic VHD file and only using 10 GB, but the host volume only have 8 GB left, then you will get this error.
So you must always make sure that you have as much space available on your host volume as the VHD file can grow.

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How to change the ADFS 2.0 URL in a deployment used with Office 365

I just wanted to share an good article I followed yesterday when I needed to change the URL and therefor also the certificate in a Office 365 ADFS setup:

Remember always to use a public certificate in production environment and this is also required if you need SSO for you Office desktop deployment. You also required to use ADFS Proxy or publish ADFS though TMG if you need to use SSO.

I found this great video that explains how to publish ADFS though TMG:

!!!Remember as it also shows in the video, when creating the web listener and you are using a star(*) certificate like *, that you type * in the Internal site name.

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Microsoft’s Certifications Reinvented for the Cloud


Microsoft has just announced that they are changing there certification program and by that also bringing back MCSE – this time MCSE I short for "Microsoft Certified Solution Expert”

The new certification program also has a lot more focus on Cloud technology, by making specific cloud certification paths. They have also divided the main titles into three categories: Associate, Expert and Master as you can see in this picture:


You can read more about this new certification program here: and there are also a small video explaining the new program.

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