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Gartner Hype Cycles for Cloud Computing

Back in July Gartner released there hype cycle for cloud computing (2011) and it seems like the marked has been focusing a lot on Private Cloud Computing this year, this is also something you will notice on the conferences around the world and when surfing the communities, watching the vendor marketing.

It’s a fast moving industry and Cloud Computing was first introduced to the Hype Cycle in 2008 and peeked in 2010 where Gartner decided to make at separate Hype Cycle only for Cloud Computing.

Here are the 4 Hype Cycles with Cloud Computing:









In Denmark (Europe) where I primarily work, the hype is just Cloud Computing and the company’s are still in the process of learning the different forms of Cloud Computing: Private Cloud, Public Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, SaaS, DaaS, IaaS etc.

But a lot of company’s here I Denmark has been virtualizing there server infrastructure for many years now, so the fundament is in place and the next step is to make there own private cloud or outsource to the public cloud or maybe make a hybrid cloud by partnering up with a public cloud vendor.

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