Install SSL certificate onto HP Thin Client with ThinPro

Following up on my previous post I now had to install the GoDaddy root certificate onto the HP t5145 ThinClient, so it was able to connect to the XenApp 6 farm which is located behind a Secure Gateway.

To install the certificate I did the following:

  1. Download GoDaddy root certificate (.crt) from:
  2. Copied it to a USB drive and inserted it into the HP ThinClient
  3. Access the ThinClien administrator mode (default admin password I ThinPro is: root)
  4. Goto Control Panel –> Advanced tab and open “X Terminal”
  5. Then do the following in the X Terminal:

    #cd /media
    #cd USBDISK (or ls to see what the foldername is)
    #cp <certificate name> /usr/lib/ICAClient/keystore/cacerts/

  6. The ThinClient will now reboot and when it’s up again the certificate is installed and the ICA client will be able to use it.
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